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  High/Wide/deep Centimetres Approx Capacity Free Delivery Excluding VAT Including Vat
Top Box size 5 33  53  37 65 litres Designed to carry or secure 2 full faced helmets £114.00 £136.80
PIZZA Box 43  46  53 105 litres Huge capacity box, carries 8 sixteen inch pizza, used by couriers for delivery of parcels and fast food, medicines etc. £149.00 £178.80
Blood Box 38  40  46 70 litres slightly smaller version of pizza box originally Designed for blood transfusion delivery £142.00 £170.40
Jumbo pizza 45  60  60 150 litres

my largest top box, can take upto 23 inch pizzas and ideal for large bulky parcels and tradesman

£179.00 £214.80
HONDA  NC 700 Used by Ecourier &
Greater London Hire
its big

Topbox and panniers in one. with fittings using bike's existing threaded holes.

£395.00 £474.00
HONDA  CB 500 Used by Addison Lee its also big

Uses the chassis's existing hole, with fittings supplied

£395.00 £474.00
Heavy duty lock as pictured

all boxes are lockable with 2 keys, this is the just more heavy duty

£4.00 £4.80

heat insulation inside to help keep food warm or cold
available on Pizza/Blood/Jumbo pizza

£ 15.00 £ 18.00
Aluminium base    

If you fit a large box onto a small carrier and want to carry
heavier loads

£15.00 £18.00

All available in black or white, (other colours to special order). All boxes are supplied lockable with 2 keys, or 2 quick release catches can be fitted instead
All boxes have 2 wire rope lid straps, Lockable with 2 keys, heavy duty 3 inch door hinges, All boxes are made from high grade Scandinavian glass fibre,